Sarah Beth

These pictures added 4-16-06

Daily Stats:
Weight 1 lb 12.8ozs
46% oxygen on ventilator
Receiving 4ccs milk per hour



Grandpa Kirby and Sarah

Happy Easter!  Christ the Lord is Risen!  Today we were able to go to church, which was a real blessing.  I've missed seeing my church family and worshipping there with everyone.  Sarah Beth looked good today.  While we were there in the afternoon and evening she held her oxygen levels well.  She still hates noise and most touch, but I've learned what she does like and feel like I'm able to calm her down a little when she gets upset. 

We had a good conversation with the nurse today as well.  She said the doctor had come around and they had discussed Sarah's constant de-sats (desaturation of oxygen in her body).  The doctor has determined Sarah Beth's lungs are healthy and this isn't a lung problem but a vascular problem because she is in the high 90th percent and then drops to low 80s or 70s within a second and then brings herself back up with little or no intervention.  Her vascular system is just underdeveloped and can't carry the oxygen to her whole body quick enough.  There isn't anything that can be done about this but to wait for her to develop.  He said we should all (nurses and parents) watch Sarah instead of watching the monitors.  Sarah looks good -- good color, good breathing -- even at those moments when she de-sats.  The monitor tells us she is having trouble breathing but 9 times out of 10, she is telling us she isn't.  He said to give her time to bring herself back before intervening.  He also said that the ventilator may not be necessary for much longer and that if she grows well within the next week he may try to put her on the Nasal C-Pap again.  That has been extremely encouraging to me.  I know she has a long way to come, but the fact that her lungs work and work well is a load off my shoulders.  Today she seemed much more calm, and I wonder if it is because the nurses and we are more calm because of what the doctor said.

So, we'll change our prayers a little.  Please pray for her vascular system to develop quickly and for her to start gaining weight (she gained 2 ozs yesterday and .8oz today).

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