Sarah Beth

These pictures added 4-18-06

Daily Stats:
Weight 1 lb 12.7ozs
40% oxygen on ventilator
Receiving 4.5ccs milk per hour

She kind of looks like she is about to sneeze.  :)

Burrito Baby



Sarah had a much better day today.  While we were there, she de-sated a few times, but not as bad as it has been.  She was resting well most of the time I was there.  The nurses did tell me she'd been fussy and unsettled for a while, so she's still struggling with her oxygen levels. 

She gained back the weight she had lost yesterday.  We're praying she only continues to gain now.  She's still loving her food and eating and digesting all of it. 

Keep praying for her!  Love you all!

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Sarah Beth was in the Huntsville Times!  Click here to see the scan!