Sarah Beth

These pictures added 4-19-06

Daily Stats:
Weight 1 lb 12.6ozs
45% oxygen on ventilator
Receiving 4.5ccs milk per hour

She's only comfortable if she is laying on her stomach.

The Nurse checking her lungs and heart.


"Hey, what's this?  An elbow... wow, and I have two!"

Sarah had a rough day today.  She gave the nurses a lot of trouble for most of the day.  She de-sated down into the 40s and 50s a number of times (in other words, the amount of oxygen traveling through her blood stream was only registering at 40-50% -- it should be 100%).  Her ventilator was turned up to 50%, the highest level it has been since she first got on it.  But even with all that, she looked good.

She stayed about the same on her weight.  She's been uncomfortable with all the de-sats and such, so she's been moving a LOT.  She wouldn't lay still at all while we were there in the evening.  Because of this, she is burning up the calories she needs to gain weight.  For her, moving and wiggling is like you or I running a mile. 

I praying for a better day today.  She needs to just settle down and rest.  That helps her breathing and her growth. 

Thank you all again for your continued prayers!  We still need them!

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