Sarah Beth

These pictures added 4-27-06

Daily Stats:
Weight 2 lb 1.2 ozs
65% oxygen on ventilator
Receiving 15ccs milk every 3 hours

Mommy holding Sarah for the first time!

Sarah reaching for Momma Eva's hand.

Sarah resting with her hands behind her head.  Just lounging...

As I left the house this morning I prayed, "Lord, I'd really like I good day.  I know we have to face a lot, and I am ready to do that, but today I just need a good day." 

We got to the hospital and the doctor was walking out as I was walking in.  He stopped and said, "I'm glad I saw you.  I wanted to talk with you about the chest x-ray results."  He explained the BPD was evident in swelling in her lungs.  Basically her lungs are trying to develop but are swelling more than developing which makes her de-sat so much.  He said there was a time when they would quickly give steroids to premature babies to help with this, but there has been talk among doctors that the steroids may be causing more harm than good in some patients, so they've stopped giving it as quickly.  But, he said, in Sarah's case he feels the good outweighs the possible risks.  There are three neonatologists at Huntsville Hospital.  The one I was talking with said all three neonatologists have to agree on this course of treatment before they go ahead with it.  So tomorrow morning they are getting together and will discuss whether or not to put Sarah on steroids to help the inflammation in her lungs.  I pray they make the best decision for her.

After that they nurse was chatting with me and said, "Have you held her yet?"  I said I had not, only picked her up to change her bed.  She said that if Sarah's temperature was good she would let me hold her.  Talk about a heart leaping!  So she told me to change into a gown, which I did.  Then we checked her temperature and it was high enough.  So we did what is called "kangaroo care" or skin-to-skin contact.  Basically she laid Sarah on my chest right on my skin and I covered Sarah with the gown.  That kept Sarah warm as well as let her hear my heartbeat and feel my breathing.  Sarah did AMAZING!  She was on 65% oxygen while she had been laying in the bed.  While I held her, she was able to go down to 50% oxygen and was sating (oxygen level in her body) at 100%. 

So, I'd say the Lord answered my prayer with a yes today, and much more of a yes than I'd really hoped for.  We may not know exactly was tomorrow will bring, but it doesn't really matter, because today I got to hold her and I know God is holding us both.

Thank you all again for your continued prayers.  We still need them!
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