Sarah Beth

These pictures added 4-30-06

Daily Stats:
Weight 2 lb 2.2 ozs
40% oxygen on ventilator
Receiving 16ccs milk every 3 hours

Sleepy Eyes!

Lounging over her bed.  SO comfy!

The nurse let me hold her again tonight!

Sarah cradled in mommy's arm.

The past three days have been good for us.  Sarah Beth started steroids on Friday.  She is getting 2 doses per day for 5 days then will receive one dose per day until she is able to come off the vent completely.  Today (Sunday) she was already down to 40% oxygen on the ventilator.  That is down from 65% on Friday so it is a good sign that the steroids are working.  She is still de-sating about as much as she always has, but no more than that.  However, when she de-sats, she is able to recover on her own.  She might have to have her oxygen raised again before she comes off the vent, but it is all part of the process.

They started today giving her doses of theophylline every 8 hours.  This should stimulate the area of her brain that causes her to know to breathe constantly.  The steroids are making her extremely fussy and uncomfortable (as they do all of us), so the nurse tonight wrapped her up and she was much happier.  The nurse also let me hold her while she was wrapped up.  I did not expect that, so what a GREAT surprise when I got there!  Of course this nurse knows one of our good friends (who we joke knows or is related to everyone in and around North Alabama).  Actually, she works with him at another job, so I think that gave me an "in" to get to hold her again. 

They hope she will be doing well enough tomorrow to try the Nasal CPAP again.  I would be very pleased if she can come off the vent even if it just for a day or two, but we'll pray she comes off it and stays off it.

Thank you all again for your continued prayers.  We still need them!
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