Sarah Beth

These pictures added 5-6-06

Daily Stats:
Weight 2 lb 6.1 ozs
45% oxygen on Nasal CPAP
Receiving 19ccs milk every 3 hours
Fed by gravity

Sarah with no nasal prongs or ventilator.  They took it out to suction her.

She looks like she's begging to get out of there.  :)

Sarah hating the suctioning!

Today was a good day.  When we got there this afternoon the doctor walked by and said he thought she had turned the corner with her breathing and he could see the steroids beginning to work.  He said to watch the oxygen they are giving her because it should start to come down a good bit over the next couple of weeks.  This afternoon she was on 50% oxygen and doing very well on it. 

When we got there this evening, her oxygen had been turned down to 45% and she was still doing really well.  The nurse said she needed to suction her and needed to take her CPAP off to do that.  It was the first time I've seen her face without a tube in her mouth or nose since she was born.  We took lots of pictures and video.  Sarah hated the suctioning, but it was really nice to see her whole face.  The "tape" you can see on her face is really a protecting layer that is gentle on her skin and will wash off with water.  It only comes off during a bath, so it stayed on.  She also still had her feeding tube in her mouth.

They raised her feedings again today.  She is now getting 19mL of milk every 3 hours.  She is still being fed by gravity and is doing great with her feedings.  She's growing more and more every day.

Thank you all again for your continued prayers.  We still need them!

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