Sarah Beth
These pictures added 5-9-06

Daily Stats:
Weight 2 lb 8.2 ozs
47% oxygen on Nasal CPAP
Receiving 20ccs milk every 3 hours
Fed by gravity

Sarah's face without any of that nasty tubing stuff

Sleeping well.

Today was a little better than yesterday.  She has gone up quite a bit on her oxygen level.  She's up to 47% oxygen on her CPAP now.  The nurse tonight said she wanted to check her blood gases tomorrow morning to see if she needed blood.  She said Sarah was looking pale and because her levels were fluctuating so much she probably needed blood to get her back on track.  We'll know more about that tomorrow. 

She is still on 20mL of milk every three hours and still loves her food.  She gained back the weight she lost yesterday plus an ounce so that is very good.

The CPAP is really starting to bother her and irritate her nose.  We're praying hard she can come off it soon.

Thank you all again for your continued prayers.  We still need them!

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