Sarah Beth
These pictures added 5-11-06

Daily Stats:
Weight 2 lb 9.2 ozs
43% oxygen on Nasal CPAP
Receiving 22ccs milk every 3 hours
Fed by gravity

Sarah had a bath this morning! 

Awake, but not too happy about it.

Yet again, one day forward, another day back.  Sarah was de-sating a lot today.  The nurse thinks it was due to her busy day yesterday (eye exam, being on the nasal cannula, etc.).  She is getting more milk now.  She's up to 22mL every three hours and is still tolerating them great. 

Sarah did have a bath this morning.  She looked good when I got there this afternoon.  She had a new beautiful little bow in her hair.  She was pretty worn out.  I think she was de-sating because she was sleeping so deep and was so relaxed that she was forgetting to breathe.  She was on 55% oxygen trying to get her to stabilize her sats. 

When we did care this morning, we went to turn her over and she had had a nose bleed.  The CPAP prongs are starting to really irritate her nose.  She looked so uncomfortable when we turned her.  The nurse tried to move the tubes so it wouldn't pull on her so much.

This evening she seemed to be resting much better.  She was at 37% oxygen when we arrived which was way down from this afternoon.  We did have to turn up her oxygen a few points when we did care, but the nurse seemed confident she could get it back down over the evening.  So we're praying.

As I sat there this afternoon, I thought about how breathing is so taken for granted.  We breathe without thinking.  We don't even notice we are doing half the time.  But Sarah labors for every breath.  For her it is a very big deal.  So many things in life are taken for granted until we need them.  As you breathe today, please remember Sarah and pray for her.

Thank you all again for your continued prayers.  We still need them!

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