Sarah Beth

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Daily Stats:
Weight 3 lbs 6.8 ozs
250mL Oxygen On Nasal Cannula
Receiving 27ccs milk every 3 hours
Fed by gravity

One content little baby

Holding her own pacifier.

Sarah Beth kept trying to lick me tonight.  :)

Sweet Baby Girl

From Beth: Sarah Beth did exceptional today.  The nurse she had during the day had  not worked with her before and therefore seemed a little more nervous with her high oxygen requirements and low sats.  I told her a few times that Sarah Beth is just that way, but I don't think she was totally convinced.  Luckily the doctor did rounds while we were there and helped to set her mind at ease.  She told her that Sarah Beth needed to be watched a bit more than the average progressive care baby but should be fine and it was fine to turn up her oxygen if she needed it. 

The doctor did say they were concerned about fluid in Sarah Beth's chest.  They think some fluid around her heart and lungs may be building up and causing her the difficulty breathing.  She seems to labor for every breath and doesn't have a lot of reserve, so when she starts to cry she will de-sat quite low and have a harder time recovering.  So, the doctor ordered some diuretics.  She'll be given two doses a day until the doctor thinks she has had enough.  She started it today and it really seemed to already be helping this evening.

She started on 550mL of oxygen when we were there this afternoon.  When we went back tonight she was down to 450mL.  She was crying when we first arrived, so we changed her diaper, took her temperature, weighed her, wrapped her up and gave her pacifier to her and she calmed down a lot.  In fact, even after having to replace her feeding tube (which she pulled out and waved at the day nurse -- she thought that was very funny) and feeding her, Sarah Beth was able to be turned down to 250mL of oxygen.  That is the lowest she has ever been!  The nurse reminded us not to expect her to stay there, which we know she may have to be turned back up, but every little happy moment is a great moment for us.

She will probably start losing weight over the next few days because of the diuretics, so don't worry if you see that for a while.

Thank you all again for your continued prayers.  We still need them!

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