Sarah Beth

These pictures added 6-2-06

Daily Stats:
Weight 3 lbs 10.7 ozs
275mL Oxygen On Nasal Cannula
Receiving 30ccs milk every 3 hours
Fed by gravity and two bottles per day

Sleeping so peacefully in mommy's hand.

Mommy getting to feed Sarah Beth a bottle for the first time.

Sarah Beth loves tasting her food!

"Wow, this eating stuff is hard work!"

From Beth: I got to feed Sarah Beth for the first time today!  It was so great.  I think parents who get to do this on the first day must take for granted what an amazing experience it really is.  Maybe not, but I find I savor every new thing I'm allowed to do with Sarah Beth.  Even holding her is still such a novelty for me.  Letting her lay against my chest and watching her fall asleep are some of my favorite past-times. 

Anyway, while I was there this afternoon I knew I'd be able to feed her a bottle.  She did wonderfully.  She finished all 30ccs (One ounce) in less than 15 minutes.  We had to stop a few times to let her catch her breath and burp, but she still impressed the nurses.  The nurse told us since she had done so well she was going to talk to the night nurse and see if we could feed her another bottle at 8 when we came back.  We didn't expect her to be eating two bottles a day until sometime next week, but we did feed her that second bottle tonight and she did great again!  She took all 30ccs in about 15 minutes and was off the monitors the whole time.  She did get sleepy while eating tonight and we had to poke her a little to wake her up to finish that last bit in her bottle, but she did it.  Then I handed her to Joe and she was wide awake while he held her.  Maybe I'll just give her to him if she starts falling asleep on me while eating.  :)

I am amazed at how well she is doing.  We still have many miles ahead of us, but I can see the path clearly now.  It doesn't seem as scary and rocky as it did a few weeks ago.  God is still the light guiding our way!

Thank you all again for your continued prayers.  We still need them!

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