Sarah Beth

These pictures added 6-5-06

Daily Stats:
Weight 3 lbs 13.9 ozs
200cc Oxygen On Nasal Cannula
Receiving 30ccs milk every 3 hours
Fed by gravity and two bottles per day

Just measured 17 1/4 inches long!

Grammy's first time to hold Sarah Beth.

Momma Eva cuddle's Sarah Beth for the first time.

Mommy and Sarah Beth talking.

Daddy is really good at feeding Sarah Beth.

From Beth: Sarah Beth has been doing really well the past few days.  We are finally to that point where we can see progress every day.  We are now able to give her baths every Monday and Thursday evening.  We are feeding her two bottles each day.  The rest of her meals she still receives through her feeding tube.  The nurse said they would probably move her feedings tomorrow to give her more bottles and less feedings through the tube.  They will give her one bottle, then two NG feedings, then another bottle and continue like that for a few days.  Then they will start giving her a bottle every other feeding.  Finally we'll be able to go to all bottle feedings.  She is doing really well eating from the bottle.  She opens her mouth and reaches for the bottle as soon as she tastes the milk. 

Since we are able to hold her each time we feed her we decided it was time to let the grandparents hold her too.  We had some VERY happy grandmothers. 

People keep asking when she will come home but we still cannot say for sure.  She'll probably be there until the end of June.  I can tell you she has a few milestones she still has to hit before we can consider bringing her home.  First, she has to eat all her meals by mouth (no more feeding tube).  Once she can do that, they can move her to an open crib.  There she will have to maintain her body temperature.  It will be the first time she would ever have to do that since she's always been in warmers since she was born, but I don't think she will have much of a problem with that because she has done well maintaining her temperature while we've been holding her for long periods of time.  She also has to make it to 4lbs.  We don't think this is really going to be what we have to wait on because she is gaining weight easily.  Once she does all of that the pulmonary doctor will come and see her and we'll figure out if she has to go home on oxygen and if so how much she will have to be on and how long. 

Hopefully she can do all this quickly and maybe in the process she will be able to come off the oxygen too so we won't have to go home with it, but if not we will be more than happy to just bring her home, oxygen or not.  :)

Thank you all again for your continued prayers.  We still need them!

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