Sarah Beth

These pictures added 6-12-06

Daily Stats:
Weight 4 lbs 2.2 ozs
500cc Oxygen On Nasal Cannula
Eating whenever and however much she wants!
All bottle or breastfeeding... no more feeding tube!!

Cuddling with Mommy!

Daddy and Sarah Beth singing to each other.

Poppa's first time to hold Sarah Beth.

Grandpa's first time to hold Sarah Beth.

"What do you want?"

Family Photo!

Sarah Beth getting burped... no mommy is not choking me!

From Beth: It has been a ridiculously long time since we updated.  The way we update our website was down for a while.  Thanks to Uncle Kris for fixing that! 

Sarah Beth is doing WONDERFULLY!  She has started eating all her food via the bottle or breastfeeding.  She's doing great at both.  She eats up to 2ozs (60ccs) at a feeding and then sleeps for a good four hours.  (I am praying that happens a lot at home too... 4 hours uninterrupted sleep would be great for mommy too!)  She is now what they call "P.O. Ad Lib" which means she eats as much as she wants whenever she wants.  We do not let her go more than 5 hours without eating, but she usually wakes up hungry right around the 4 hour mark. 

She also now weighs over 4lbs!  She is gaining weight ever day which is a great accomplishment.  She is moving to an open crib today.  This will be the first time she has ever had to regulate her own body temperature.  If she does well with this (which we expect her to), and continues to gain weight and eat well, the doctor has said he would like to see us home by Friday. 

The pulmonologist is coming to see us tomorrow.  She is going home on oxygen and the pulmonologist will set how much.  He will continue being her doctor and monitoring her lungs for a few years.  We'll have a lot of monitors and such to haul around, but that is ok. 

So as soon as we know when we are coming home, we will tell you all too.  :)

Thank you all again for your continued prayers.  We still need them!

We'd like to know how many people check up on Sarah. Go to and add yourself to the map.  You should be able to do this with any connection, but it may take a little longer for dial-up people.  If you cannot add yourself for some reason, feel free to drop me an email --

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