Sarah Beth

These pictures added 6-13-06

Daily Stats:
Weight 4 lbs 2.0 ozs
500cc Oxygen On Nasal Cannula
Eating whenever and however much she wants!
All bottle or breastfeeding... no more feeding tube!!

Snoozing in her open crib!

You can barely see her in all those blankets.


Her current digs...

Does she look like her daddy?

From Beth: Sarah got moved into her new digs today!  An open crib is the last step before we can come home.  She has to maintain her own body temperature.  She was moved this morning at around 9:00 a.m.  She has done great all day at keeping her temperature high enough.  We do have her under 4 blankets, but the nurses say that is fine.

She ate wonderfully all day.  She has pretty much gotten the breastfeeding down now and will hardly take anything from a bottle when we are finished with that.

The pulmonologist came today and set her on 500ccs of oxygen (1/2 Liter) and said to leave her there and not try to wean.  He also increased her diuretics a bit.  He came by before I got there so I will get to meet him on the day before we get discharged. 

They have told us to bring her car seat and picture outfit.  We know from seeing all the other babies around us that means we will be going home SOON!  In fact, they have told us that we will be rooming in at the hospital (to get used to the oxygen and monitors and such) on Friday and then going home on Saturday.  They have to test her sitting in her car seat for a minimum of 30 minutes, but because we live 40 minutes away they'll test her for 45 minutes or so.  They have to be sure she can sit in there without dropping her head and closing her airway or flopping her head from side to side.  We'll use blankets around her to prop her up.  I think she should do fine with that.  They will take her picture before we leave to put on the Huntsville Hospital website and also to give to us.  I think it is neat that we won't have one of those "first born - where the heck am I?" pictures but she'll look older. 

So, today (Wednesday) I am staying home to paint.  I'll go to the hospital around 3 to spend the rest of the evening with her, but I have absolutely got to get her room painted.  Anyone off today and want to come help?  :)  I'll tell you where I live if you do.  I have to paint her room, kitchen cabinets and a few other touch up places.  I really have to get her room painted though.  So, I better go get to that.  I still cannot believe she'll be home in only a few days!

Thank you all again for your continued prayers.  We still need them!

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