Sarah Beth

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Daily Stats:
500ccs oxygen on nasal cannula
Breastfeeding the majority of the time
Somewhere over 4lbs 6 ozs... we don't have a baby scale at home :)

Sleeping in mommy and daddy's bed.

Joe decided to compare the size of Sarah Beth's head to the size of his ravioli.  :)

Daddy and Sarah Beth

Getting a bubble bath.

"If I could just coordinate this I'd be out of here!"

From Beth: Well, it has been ages since our last update.  I apologize for that!  Since we're home Sarah Beth keeps us running all the time.  I think she hears when I sit down and decides that is the best time to cry.  :)  She loves being held.  Generally, if we put her down she starts fussing.  We have almost mastered the art of putting her to sleep and knowing when she is asleep enough to put down. 

On Friday we went and saw her pediatrician and pulmonologist.  The pediatrician visit was supposed to be a quick "run-in-run-out" visit for a weight check.  It had been 11 days since her last weight check.  On that day she weighed 4lbs. 6ozs.  Well, on Friday we went in to weigh her and she weighed......... 4lbs. 6ozs.  Yep, no weight gain or lose in 11 days.  So, we waited around and saw the doctor.  He said he'd call the GI doctor and see what he thought we should do and give us a call that afternoon.  After that, we left and went to her pulmonologist appointment.  He said everything looked great with her, but he was also concerned with her weight.  He said her lungs and heart sounded good and her pulse ox reading was 99% (the amount of oxygen saturation in her body), so he didn't think she was using too much energy breathing.  Apparently, the GI doc, pediatrician and pulmonologist talked about what to do and the pediatrician called me.  He said for the next week we should feed her a bottle of breast milk at every other feeding.  This should tell us if she is getting enough calories from the breast milk and just expending too much energy breastfeeding or if she isn't getting enough calories at all.  We will go back to the pediatrician next Monday (July 10) for a weight check.  If she has gained weight, we'll continue with the every other feeding with a bottle.  If she has not gained weight, or not enough weight, we'll start adding a scoop or so of formula to the bottle of breastmilk before we feed it to her.  We go back to the pulmonologist on Wednesday of next week (July 12) so he can check her again.  If she has gained some weight and seems to be doing well, we might discuss lowering the amount of oxygen she is receiving. 

Sarah Beth seems to love being home.  She is so alert.  We have some fun just looking at each other and such.  She has her "belly time" some of the time each day where we lay her on her belly and let her hold her head up and strengthen her muscles.  She is holding her head up fairly well right now.  She rolls to her side easily.  I think as soon as she figures out how to get her arm out of the way, she'll be rolling all the way over. 

Today is her 3 month birthday... or she is 5 days old corrected age.  :)  Amazing how far we have come!

Thank you all again for your continued prayers.  We still need them!

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