These pictures added 4-11-06

Daily Stats:
Weight 1lb. 11.5ozs
40% oxygen on ventilator
Receiving 3ccs milk per hour
On small amount of IV supplemental nutrition

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"Already have Daddy wrapped around my little finger."

Momma Eva watching over Sarah.

Yeah, her IV is in her head, but it's okay.  She actually seems more comfortable this way.

We got some good news today.  If/When her IV comes out they are going to leave it out.  She is receiving 3ccs of milk per hour and they've been raising that amount often.  We are proud of how far she has come in such a short time.  Also, if her breathing tube comes out (if she pulls it out) they will put on her on a C-PAP instead.  That will be a nasal type tube.  She was on this when she was first born.  Everything else seems to be going according to schedule.  She's developing well.  Her lungs seem to be getting stronger and stronger.  She makes sucking motions on her ventilator tube which really encourages her Momma Eva. 

She also got her picture made today.  The Huntsville Times are doing a story on the NICU and took her picture to go along with that story.  We'll keep an eye out for that and let you all know when it comes out.